A Personal Introduction to Rustic Grain

Sam Lang,

Thank you for reaching out regarding your client's interest in wood furniture and fixtures from Rustic Grain. We pride ourselves on creating work rich in story. Our materials have a history and future and so do your clients.

We see the reclamation of this wood as looking back and looking forward all at once. Run a hand across our furniture and you feel the craftsmanship of our construction and finish, thoughtfully and carefully applied, you feel the exposed cuts from saw and adz made a century ago as the barn was built, and you feel the rings of a tree which first formed as a sapling grew in this frontier region maybe 200 years ago. But wait. Get to work at that table, and the story continues...

By having us create a piece which suits your unique needs and vision, you are drawn into a story... We are just proud to be a part.

I've co-opted our Case-Study format to gather here some photos mainly centering around our beam tables. We've taken to referring to this blockwork style as our Newstead line of custom pieces. I'm also including some other options for bar height pieces, as we discussed on the phone last week. Follow the captions and contact me if you have any questions!

Thank you for your time and the opportunity to earn your business!

Tim Nummela  


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