Thanks so much for coming out to see the shop today.  WE’re really excited to help you fill your new home with beautiful things!  Here are a few ideas you can check out without opening a bunch of attachments!  The Castlewood, Crestwood, and Gustine Tables are shown with a bunch of pictures in that order.  The only thing that isn’t shown very well here is the Gustine’s wedge pin that slides top to bottom through the protruding end of the the long stretcher to hold it to the trestle.  That’s a neat detail.  We’ve got some Solid tops with breadboard ends and some Chevron Tops as well which we didn’t really talk about.  

I also included a photo of a four-legged table with double taper legs.  This type of table is lighter than most of our other styles, with a thinner top.  It can also accommodate a many different styles of legs, five of which are Parson, Double-taper, Craftsman Detail, Turned Taper, and Turned Tulip.  I’ll email you a pdf with renderings of those styles if this is a type of table you are interested in.

Lastly I included one photo of our Pacific Table, which is a four-legged table, but the base is narrower and mostly stays out of the legroom space.  The base is also out of large 6×6 beams so it’s a more rustic look.  Pacific and Castlewood are our most rustic designs, I’d say because they do incorporate the larger beams.


Tim Nummela