Some think it old-fashioned but we at Rustic Grain believe the best things are still made by hand. Started in a small retail space in St. Louis, Missouri, Rustic Grain is a growing team of artisans whose designs and craftsmanship reflect the pride they take in personally crafting each item Rustic Grain builds. Every piece has a story to tell and we tell it. The lumber used to create our standard lines and custom pieces comes from several sources. It is salvaged from barns built across the Midwest at the turn of the twentieth century, from urban structures left to the decay of time, from storm damaged old trees and on to local, sustainably-grown American Hardwoods. Each timber we use is hand-selected for its quality and character. Every item we create carries a marker that allows its owner to share in the history of that individually created piece, its provenance.

All of Rustic Grain’s furniture is handcrafted in the United States using locally sourced materials. We create the finest quality products in the most sustainable process possible.

Our craftsmen take great care to preserve the character of the material they work with. We honor the history represented by each knot, marking, and nail hole. As a result, no two items we produce are exactly alike. Each piece is carefully crafted to ensure that the wood’s visually weathered legacy lives on in its new form. Our tables and chairs are not only beautiful and functional but they also serve as touchstones for evoking old memories while creating new ones.