If you live around here, from St Louis City all the way out to St Charles County, you’ve driven through beautiful old neighborhoods with towering Oak trees that stretch their branches, overtopping the biggest houses and reaching majestically over the street. And if you’ve lived in one of these neighborhoods yourself, you might have occasionally seen a squirrel poking out of a rotting knot-hole or branches bristling with oak galls.

Cara lived in a neighborhood like that. Cara’s family had a tree in their front large that had lived for over 60 years before it started to show signs of oak canker. A professional arborist made the call that the tree should be removed for the safety of the house. Cara’s family decided to remove the tree, having already had several branches drop on their roof.

She was devastated, but not ready to give up the beautiful tree her children had played under for years. She needed a custom furniture maker in St Louis to help her through the process of saving this tree, even if it couldn’t go on growing.

Luckily, Cara found Rustic Grain. It’s not easy or quick to take wood all the way from a majestic Trunk, to a finished dining table, bench, and set of chairs. Cara’s adventure with us took over 3 years.

The end result was worth it to her family.