The Castlewood table is one of our Rustic Grain showpieces. The chevron design is both classic and modern, and the inlay shows so many different types and facets of wood.

You see the craftsmanship in each tabletop from the precise cuts and attention to placement through to the smooth, even finish of the linseed oil. If you’ve ever gotten a chance to run your hands over one of our tabletops, you’ll know that “rustic” is the style we design in, not the texture we leave on our pieces.

After careful construction in the shop, it’s time to send that baby to its new home. Whether we deliver it locally or ship to our far away clients, you can trust our piece will exceed your expectations. These pieces are gorgeous in the shop, but they shine in your castle.

This table spent 150 years of its life as a barn in Edwardsville, IL. But it will tell a new story in our client’s home. What story will your home tell?