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"We wanted something with more Character then the mass produced furniture you might find..."

Anastasia Brubaker   -Residential Client

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Rustic Grain hand selects to exacting standards the best upcycled material for our fine furniture designs. Materials range from historic barns to storm damaged old trees to sustainably grown/locally sourced American hardwoods. Pieces are individually inspected against a 5-point checklist before being power washed, de-nailed and dried. Drying alone may take 6-12 months to insure proper moisture content. Individual pieces are “tagged” and stored according to location of procurement, species of wood and dimensions. This process allows Rustic Grain to assure all customers of the highest quality product and its actual history – its provenance.

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Rustic Grain’s staff consists of many dedicated furniture designers and architects whose products range from predesigned individual pieces in our furniture line to fully customizable items and on to large scale home remodels. Virtually no project is too large for our team. All items involve detailed drawings from our designers. From the initial client meeting to the delivery of the project our clients are in control of the process. Rustic Grain assists the customer in all phases from the concept to material selection to finish requirements. Our hands-on process assures our clients that they will receive exactly what they have ordered.

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The fabricators in Rustic Grain’s shop have decades of woodworking experience and have studied in some of the most rigorous programs available both here and abroad. Their craftsmanship has been honed over the years to enhance and showcase the natural beauty of the materials we use. The joinery techniques they use have been selected to withstand generations of use. We are so confident in their effect that Rustic Grain provides a lifetime warranty to the original owner on any piece we build.


Rustic Grain takes great pride in the “finish” of our products. We are invested in the enduring quality appearance of each piece we produce. To ensure that it measures up to our standards, each item is signed off by at least 3 quality control managers before it is delivered. We are invested in the environmental impact and health quality of our finishes as well. Paint and other furniture finishes contain thousands of chemicals many of which are known to create environmental and health concerns. Those are known as “volatile organic compounds.” Rustic Grain is committed to use the lowest VOC finishes available to minimize these concerns.


Our final act in the finish of our products is to affix Rustic Grain’s badge of authenticity – the “Brass Tag.” This tag, through an interactive serial number specific to that item, provides the customer with the history of the material in their unique piece. We provide the exact name, location and history of the structure from which the material was reclaimed to the dates of construction of that structure and of our reclamation.

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