At Rustic Grain, our mission is to create pieces for your home or business will become part of your history. That’s why we use timber reclaimed from barns that have lasted over a century–so you can create history around history.

We feel the same sense of pride and responsibility in our newest partnership with ANEW Rooftop. This new venture comes out of Big Brothers Big Sisters, an organization that is itself over a century old, with the purpose to create places where relationships are formed. Over food, at the table, specifically our reclaimed wood farmhouse tables, people from the community will gather to enjoy good food, good conversation, and good fellowship.

All together, we constructed 20 tables, enough for 100 people to gather. It’s simple enough construction. Two legs on hinges allow the base to fold flat or open easily. Pop the tabletop on the pegs, and you’ve got a sturdy table that sets up in seconds and is ready to host a dinner. Take it apart. Move to another room. Create another place for conversation.

Additional bonus: unlike its “banquet table” cousins, you don’t need to cover this beauty with a table cloth. Let the grain shine through. The wood will feel warm under your fingers as food warms your belly and relationships warm your heart.