Great talking to you today!

Among the images below, you’ll find:

  • the origins of our materials
  • Juniper Restaurant
  • Residential
  • Jesuit Archives
  • Delistar Employee Breakroom
  • Custom Chandeliers
  • Innsbrook Conference Table
  • Hebert Round Table
  • Center for Emerging Technologies Office Kitchen Island
  • Idx Reception Desk
  • Healthcare Family Credit Union Conference Table

Like I said, we are a small but mighty shop.  We’ve executed large scale projects consisting of dozens to hundreds of pieces for clients such as Cambridge Innovation Center, the Jesuits, and Washington University.  This is a start.  I’d love to get a detailed list of items you’d be interested in pursuing on our scope.  Then I can hone things down and start to get you more information about features and pricing.  


Tim Nummela

Owner, Rustic Grain