To avoid cracks and splits in wood panels, keep the indoor humidity levels between 35% and 45%.All wood products will absorb and release moisture for a lifetime. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight from windows or near other heat sources such as stoves or radiators. Never store furniture in an attic, basement, or damp areas.



Avoid dusting with a dry or old cloth, this may scratch finish. Clean up spills immediately.  Avoid polish that containing ammonia or silicon.  Dust with a soft damp cloth by following the wood grain.



Also use soft cloth 100% cotton (like old tee shirt) if your furnishings or table top get soiled use mild dish soap and warm water to  wipe clean and buff dry. (Don NOT use ammonia, windex, pledge, or any strong cleaners)



Furniture from the Rustic Grain L.L.C. stands behind its product. All furniture must be used for its intended uses only. We warrant all furniture products to be free from manufacturing defects for one year. Should service under this warranty be needed, the purchaser must first contact Rustic Grain L.L.C. at and place in writing with photos about service needed.

All item returns must first obtain written approval from Rustic Grain L.L.C.

Furniture from Rustic Grain L.L.C. obligation, under this limited warranty, at the option of Rustic Grain L.L.C., is to replace the product with an equal type if available, within thirty days from the receipt of product or repair if possible with a written recommendation from Rustic Grain L.L.C., and only if the product is found to be a manufacturing defective under normal use, care, and service.

Repairs and/or replacements under this warranty will be made at the option and solely by Rustic Grain L.L.C. and in its written sole discretion authorizes, at no charge to purchaser.

Should one of our pieces become unusable and require repair after thirty days and up to one year, please drop off the item after written approval from Rustic Grain L.L.C. to our workshop and we will repair it. If there is any packing, delivery and shipping to and from Rustic Grain L.L.C. under this warranty, it will be responsibility of the customer on the purchaser warranty.

THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT cover damages which result from neglect, abuse, acts of nature or natural material changes, damage or wear to any mechanical parts, insect damage, normal wear and tear, exposure to extremes in temperatures or humidity, size variation movement do to humidity, water damage, fading or discoloration in finish, scratches, blemishes or color variations in wood, unauthorized repairs, alterations or breakage of items.

If found not covered under warranty Furniture from Rustic Grain L.L.C. will be glad to repair the item but purchaser will be responsible and charged for all cost to repairs and/or replacements of product and all cost to pack, delivery and shipping product to and from Rustic grain L.L.C. for repair.

Rustic Grain L.L.C. pieces are built by hand with natural material and cannot guarantee any piece sold to look or be exactly like or a specific photo.



Our barn wood furniture is solid wood that comes from old, wooden barns that have been in natures elements for decades, even centuries. The wood is full of inherent character, blemishes, holes (that may or may not be filled) small cracks, worm holes, and insect valleys which are not considered defects but unique to each piece that gives our furniture warm character. There are no two pieces that are ever exactly alike which makes them a one of a kind piece built especially for you.  Thanks for helping the environment and enjoy your hand-crafted piece of history.