This fliptop table tells a beautiful story. A story of welcome. The simple pedestal table can expand to fit a few more. It invites newcomers to pull up a chair and share their tales around it.

Even the wood itself tells a story. Look at those saw marks and knots in the original wood! In other projects, these are defects to work around or remove. However, the finished top shows how all those marks and knots can work together to create a truly lovely tabletop. It tells the history of a tree branching off at different places spreading its leaves to harvest sunlight into new growth. It tells of its milling in a century old sawmill powered by means that seem so far removed from our energy grid. And while we might expect this story to be told in rough patches and dull marks (everything that lives so long has to be pretty beaten up, right?), we’ve smoothed those rough places while retaining their telltale marks and made it glow with a new finish in a new furniture piece.


But also in that finished picture, do you see the left leg? That’s an original mortis joint from this wood’s life as a barn in Hamel, Illinois. We’ve spiffed it up a bit, rounded the edges and smoothed the insides, to highlight its history and maybe to give some toys a place to play.

It’s “imperfections” like this that remind the new owner, this isn’t fresh wood, milled five years ago from some forest. It is century-old barn wood that’s been given new life in MY family’s home for decades more. I’m entering the story of expert craftmanship, sustainable building practices, passing down history. As I use this table to feed my family, gather friends for drinks and games, and sit with my own thoughts, I’m furthering a story.

What will the next chapter hold?


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