The following is an excerpt from an interview we recently compelted with Heidi Glaus of KDSK.

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‘In a rather plain building in Crestwood work is piling up. Not just any work, but pieces Jimmy Farah is passionate about.

“The coolest project we worked on where we actually wowed ourselves were the chandeliers at Death in the Afternoon,” explains Jimmy Farah, Founder and President of Rustic Grain.

Every creation is unique, each two by four comes with a story.

“I moved out here from New York City and driving along I-70 we would find all these barns every two miles that were just vacant, you know falling apart,” he explains.

So Jimmy decided to take those pieces and give them a new purpose.

“And I thought what a great idea to actually take the material and build fine furniture out of it,” he goes on to say.

And that’s exactly what Rustic Grain does. Only this company takes an extra step to make sure history isn’t forgotten.

“So all of our pieces they get the official tag at the end that tells you exactly what barn it came from. So the year it was built, the year it was reclaimed, the exact latitude and longitude lines of where that barn is from,” he points out.

So far they’ve dismantled five barns.

“All the barns yield something different,” Farah says.

Pine, oak, elm, even black walnut.

“In the beginning it’s hard to know what to use material for and wheels start spinning on what you’re going to create,” he adds.’