Thanks so much for stopping by on Friday.  I’m sorry for the delay getting this together for you.  I was up against a weekend with family in town.

This gallery shows the Round Table, the BIG conference table we did out at Innsbrook(5′ x 16′), a more industrial look(46″ x 120″), the one I told you about for the credit union on Big Bend(40″ x 96″), and a few dining table shots.

I brought up the round idea, but I’d like to come see your space and help you consider capacity.  We can do stable round tops in a few different ways, they are all complicated to varying degrees.  But I don’t know if round is really what you want anyway.  If you want to seat six 54″ would be plenty of space.  I don’t know how much laying out of documents you do in the conference room, but that’s something to think about too.  It’s a microfrustration to try and fit a square layout on a round surface sometimes, maybe not worth the aesthetic when you’re dealing with high stress situations.  But again, we’ll look at the space.

We can also explore an off rectangular shape, maybe not quite the round end look you have now, something to tell it apart from any other table.

Thanks again.  Let’s set up a time for me to come in some morning!