Every piece Rustic Grain creates has its own story to tell. Our craftsmen strive to preserve the customer’s ability to see that. Our “Brass Tag” is how we tell that.

Unlike most furniture makers who don’t even have an interactive market, Rustic Grain takes an extra step to connect our customers with the origins of their individual pieces.  The tag we affix to each item we produce contains an interactive serial number specific to that item.  By accessing our website and inserting that serial number our customers are able to view the history of their piece as well as production notes on how that item was made.

They are shown:

a. The origin of the material the piece was made from (i.e. the specific barn the material may have been reclaimed from.)

b. The specific location of the original material.

c. The origin date of the original material.

d. The date of Rustic Grain’s acquisition of the material.

e. Any additional historic information or information about the item’s manufacturing process.

The “Brass Tag” is Rustic Grain’s badge of authenticity.