Built 1896 – Reclaimed 2013

Location: 38.304095 – 91.104792

Saint Clair, Franklin County, Missouri, United States

Sitting atop a hill on a farm off the original Route 66, the St. Clair Barn was the focal point of the surrounding rural neighborhood.  The barn and hayloft were built in the 1890’s to house the owners’ dairy cows. Over the years the structure was maintained with the love and labor that was emblematic of the times. However, as the years rolled by the life on the St. Clair farm changed.

By the later half of the 1900’s, the cows disappeared and the barn became farm storage for tractors and tools.  Eventually, the farm disappeared as well.  Recently, the current owners of the property decided that the land would be more valuable to them without the barn and that’s when Rustic Grain came into the picture.  We love the look and the feel of venerable old barn structures.  In them we see the past and we see their transformation into pieces of the future.

Over a two week period, we dismantled this nearly 3000 square foot barn and moved the lumber and materials to our warehouse.  There we removed the hardware, carefully pulled the nails, treated, and dried the wood before storing it for use.